Elecnoise Ensemble

4th Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF) 2019

Elecnoise Ensemble was formed in the winter of 2019 by Parviz Davoudi with a few ideas and sharing it with Omid Saahbakhtiari and Reza Navazeshi. This ensemble began its work with a few short etudes and is currently developing its own artistic attitude. The approach of the group is to create a new sound in a familiar tribal context, which is made by the rhythmic patterns and soundtracks of Iranian music. Elecnoise mainly focuses on folk music as well as traditional and civilized Iranian music, moreover trying to connect new sounds to the musical patterns of Iranian music. “Daraamad” is the first project of “electronic row” which has been formed on the basis of Iranian instrumental music. The role of harmonics is crucial. They are creating familiar musical atmosphere and destroying them in a variety of sounds, which makes the music misty and shadowy. The piece is made for Setar (Iranian instrument) and electronic sounds that seeks to create a new texture in presenting Iranian music. The Innovation is evident not only in the electronic sounds, but also in playing Setar.

Parviz Davoodi: Composer
Omid Saheb Ekhtiari: Sound engineer
Reza Navazeshi: Visual effects



Photo by Bahman Najafi